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HDMI Output
  • Yes
  • No
Horizontal image ajustment
  • Yes
  • No
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Interface made to order only, after purchase, within 3 weeks!

Supergun designed and manufactured by Otaku's Store

Features :
- X2 controller ports, compatible with Neo Geo controllers. With possibility via harness adapted to use "6-button" wired controllers
- Coin button, Test. Test II, Coin II, Service, Neo 64, Tilt
- The main Coin and Test main buttons are Sanwa arcade buttons!
- Separate adjustment of RGB colors
- On / off switch with indicator light
- Internal power supply 5V, 12V and -5V
- Adjustable power supply + digital voltage display
- RGB TV out (with sound)
- A mono / stereo button
- A Coin / Select button allows you to put credits directly with the 1 & 2 controllers (coin 1 and coin 2 on Select P1 and Select P2)
- Stereo audio output on RCA plugs
- The jamma cable is about 40cm

Optional :
- A video output hdmi
- An offset corrector that adjusts the image horizontally

Supergun sold with shielded RGB scart cable (stereo sound) + power cord

- We offer for sale different harness dedicated to this supergun, the CPS-1, CPS-2 ...
- We can adapt your arcade stick (or some controllers) to make it compatible with this supergun. Contact us for more information
- Some details may slightly vary from the illustration photos (location of some buttons, type of indicator, the models of buttons) it depends on our supplies of parts

Brand New,

230VAC compatible

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