Repair service for Game Gear (+ full cap kit installation) - replacement caps - repair

Screen protector replacement
  • Yes
  • No

We need your console to provide this mod

Repair service type "any failure":
no image, low contrast, no or low sound, the console does not turn on or off after a few seconds, oxidized battery connectors, not working buttons ...

This service includes the installation of the full cap kit on your console (replacement of all the electrochemical capacitors of the motherboard, the sound board and the power board)

The installation of the full cap usually fix contrast and audio level problems

We use branded and quality capacitors, new

If the LCD screen is damaged (broken or dead pixels) this package is not valid

Clean, reliable and guaranteed intervention 3 months

We repair your console and we perform a series of tests and checks before returning

All our mods take place in a electronics workshop

They are done by a professional graduate in electronics

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