Replacement HK-1000 board for Toaplan Pcb Tatsujin Oh / Truxton II - arcade repair


Repair your faulty pcb game!

HK-1000 replacement for pcb Toaplan type Truxton II / Tatsujin Oh

The original component is very fragile, it can easily crack. Once damaged, the controls become defective, or the pcb does not boot at all.

This circuit has already been replicated by, in a version that does not include the LS174 (D flip-flops) to increment the 2 credit counters. Our circuit is equipped, it behaves 100% like the original

Our workshop service can install it for you, contact us!

Important: the installation of this circuit requires a minimum of knowledge, as well as a suitable equipment. This remark is more available if you take the DIY version! You can ask our workshop to take care of the installation of this circuit

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