Region Free Sega Saturn console + 50/60Hz (Psu Mod* / Fram mod*/ DFO*)) *Required step

Pre-modded, revised and guaranteed!

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Basic set:
Region Free (bios replaced) japanese Sega Saturn + 50/60Hz swithless NTSC . Grey 1st model 110VAC + official controller + composite video cable + power cord

50/60Hz switchless:
Possibility to choose the display mode in pal 50Hz or ntsc 60Hz. The choice is made by holding the reset button. a quick press performs a reset. Once the frequency change has been made to 50Hz or 60Hz, the console reboots automatically, to avoid the display errors induced by the hot change of frequency. We advise not to change the frequency during the game!

Region Free Bios: Replacement of the original bios, with a region free bios allowing the automatic launch of original games from all regions (Pal / Usa / jap), without manipulation. Does not allow to launch backups/cdr

Optional mods:

DFO Installation (Dual Frequency Oscillator):
Replacement of the original oscillator by a double oscillator. This allows the console to behave exactly like a PAL console with a pal game, or like an NTSC console with an NTSC game, the DFO is tuned with the 50/60hz mod.

Fram mod:
Replacement of the console's internal backup memory, which is volatile (battery-dependent), with a non-volatile Fram memory (even if the battery is dead, your saves will be kept)

PSU Mod:
Replacement of the original power supply board with a high-efficiency DC/DC type board, avoiding the console overheating problems. An external 230VAC compatible power supply is supplied in addition

Note :
to enjoy backups games / CD-R format you can use the action replay card flashed in KAI (the 4MB ram extension function remains functional)

Further information :
- This console was prepared by our professional workshop service
- The console and the controller have been completely revised
- Optional mods add a 7-10 day delay to order processing
- The console delivered with an official controller, a psu, a composite video cable
- Console guaranteed 6 months
- To improve the video rendering, we recommend the use our premium shielded RGB scart
- The console and controller are a bit yellowed

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