SD Loader Neo Geo CD console + video by-pass* + PSU mod! SNK *Required step

Pre-modded & revised console, ready to play!

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- Japanese Neo Geo CD console modified with a SD Loader (Furrtek): The console's cd drive has been replaced by an ODE (optical disk emulator) which allows games to be launched with an image / iso format directly from the SD card (a 64GB is provided). The orrinal cd player is removed, you cannot use anymore original game disc.

- The console is also equipped with the "PSU mod": modification of the power supply of the console, allowing the use of a quality external 12VDC power supply compatible with 230VAC (EU plug). The original power connector of the console has been replaced, a small DC / DC converter circuit is used to generate the correct voltages in the console.

Optional : The video bypass, it improves the rendering and the sharpness of the image. This is an active bypass based on our RGB board equipped with a THS amplifier circuit. It uses the native csync of the console. After this mod the rca composite video output is no more available!

Main characteristics of the SD loader:
- Load games from an SD or microSD card, whatever their region.
- The loading speed is 4 times faster (compared to the original 1x reader), which is very appreciable!
- A menu with codes, DIP-switch and region parameters can be activated during the game by pressing [start and select] in a similar way to unibios
- The backups are managed on the SD card
- Easy firmware updates

Further information :
- This console was prepared by our professional workshop service
- The console and the controller have been completely revised
- A 64GB SD card (with few bonus installed ...) is provided. Its size is sufficient to store the entire neo cd game library
- The original led has been replaced by a RGB led, in order to be able to follow the states of the SD loader
- The console is sold with an official controller (revised, no problem with the direction!), A 230VAC EU compatible power supply, a premium shielded RGB cable, a 64GB SDHC card.
- Set guaranteed 6 months
- Console condition: nice cosmetic condition

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