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Region free japanese Mega Drive (switchless): It is possible to choose the region of the console via the reset button, pal, usa or jap. So it plays Pal, usa and japanese games. You must keep the button pressed and wait for the led to change color to change the region mode. The Reset button keeps its function for a quick press
Console modified 50/60Hz (switchless): Possibility to choose the display mode in pal 50Hz or ntsc 60Hz. You can optimize most PAL games at 60Hz. The 60Hz mode reduces the black bands on the screen, and increases the fluidity. The choice is made by keeping the reset button on the console pressed for 1sec.
Console modded with DFO (Dual frequency oscillator): this allows the console to behave exactly like a PAL console with a pal game, or an NTSC console with an NTSC game, the DFO is linked to the 50/60hz mod
By-pass video mod :  the video Bypass improves the RGB video quality of your console. The bypass avoid jailbars, It also avoid ghosting effect on the flat screen. The Csync synchro enhance the rendering on CRT TV (sharper). We use our video kit board designed around a THS amplifier circuit

Further information :
- This console was prepared by our professional workshop service
- The console and the controller have been completely revised
- The console is sold with an official controller, a 230VAC power supply EU plug, a premium shielded RGB scart cable 21p pal scart
- Console guaranteed 6 months
- Optional mods add a 7-10 day delay to order processing

- Excellent cosmetic condition, slight small traces of use are present on the console

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