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Pre-modded  & revised console, ready to play!

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PC Engine console modified RGB with our high quality RGB video kit. The rendering of the image is excellent. Much better than the original rendering in RF (antenna input).

Further information :
- This console was prepared by our professional workshop service
- The console and the controller have been completely revised
- Anti-jailbars capacitors are installed
- The EXT port dust cover is present
- The synchro type is Csync
- The console is sold with an official controller, a 110-230VAC power supply EU plug, a premium shielded RGB scart cable
- Console guaranteed 6 months
- Optional mods add a 7-10 day delay to order processing
- The optional Hucard flash is delivered with a micro 8GB SD card. You can easily add roms on the SD card. It is not emulation, the chosen game is loaded in a ROM memory, the behavior is 100% identical to the original game!
- The EXT port dust cover is missing!
- Set in good cosmetic condition, not yellowed!

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