New Famicom RGB modded with switchless palette - Etim Board- Pre-modded *Required step

Pre-modded, revised and guaranteed!

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New Famicom RGB : the console is modified to generate true RGB, we use the Etim board. The rendering of the image is of much better and finer than the original composite video rendering!

Further information :
- This console was prepared by our professional workshop service
- The console and the controllers have been completely revised 
- The original voltage regulator has been replaced by a more powerful one, because the original one is not sized to power the RGB board 
- There are 3 different color palettes, switchless sectionable with the Reset button. The button keeps its Reset function for quick push
- Console delivered with a 230VAC power supply and, a controller and a premium shielded RGB scart
- Console guaranteed 6 months
- Console and controller in good condition, not yellowed!

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