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FM Sound PAL Master System I console: it is equipped with the FM sound board which allows you to take full advantage of the games. The Pal Master system is not initially equipped with the YM2413 generator / synthesizer circuit allowing to enjoy this FM sound (unlike the Japanese consoles). This modification allows it!
Example of compatible games:
R-type, Zillion II, After Burner, Fantasy Zone II, double dragon, California Games, Aztec Adventure, wonderboy III ...

Console modified 50/60Hz:
Possibility to choose the display mode in pal 50Hz or ntsc 60Hz. And therefore optimize most PAL games at 60Hz. The 60Hz mode reduces the black bands on the screen, and increases the fluidity. The change is made using a switch on the back of the console.

Otional mod : The pause mod: a pause button is added to the controller, this handy function does not exist on original the Master System controller

Further information :
- This console was prepared by our professional workshop service
- The console and the controller have been completely revised
- This is a PAL FR console generating RGB, supplied with its official amplified RGB scart cable
- The sync is of Csync type 
- A 3-position switch mounted on the back of the console allows you to activate or deactivate the FM sound, and to change the Japan or Export region (which allows you to change the language of certain games only ...)
- The console is sold with an official controller, an official power supply 230VAC Eu plug, an official RGB video cable
- Console guaranteed 6 months
- Optional mods add a 7-10 day delay to order processing
- There is few small surface scratches to report on the console

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