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Pre-modded console, ready to play!

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This console was modified by Otaku's Store

Sharp Famicom Twin with RGB modded (Etim board) + Fullset Rom FDS built-in! A FDSStick is installed inside

You can choose between the original FDS player and the FDSStick (FDS emulator) by using the reset button. The led color is changing

Other features :

- IGR (In game Reset) by pushing Start + Select + A +B on the player I controller (working for FDS original, FDSStick and cartridge)

- Very useful fonctionnality, for the FDSstick mode => A/B face changing with the player I controller

- A palette switch is installed at the back of the console

This console is directly compatible with CRT and flat TVs

The original FDS player is fully revised and working (new belt)

Good cosmetic condition

Fully working, in good cosmetic condition

The console is delivered with a 110-230VAC PSU and a RGB scart cable

The console was fully revised by our Workshop, it is guaranteed 3 months


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