Famicom Twin RGB + built-in FDSstick - Pre-modded Disk Drive System *Required step

Pre-modded & revised console, ready to play!

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Twin Famicom console revised & RGB modded, with the Etim's board. The rendering of the image is much better quality and sharpen than the original rendering of the composite video.

Further information :
- This console was prepared by our professional workshop service
- The console and the controllers have been completely revised
- The original floppy disk drive is perfectly functional and has been revised, its belt is new
- The color palette switch is installed on the back of the console
- Console delivered with a 230VAC EU plug power supply and a premium shielded RGB cable
- 6 months warranty
- The console is in good cosmetic condition

-----------------------------------------------OPTIONAL MOD-----------------------------------------------------

This console includes a FDSStick which is an FDS emulator, it allows you to directly launch a game rom. All the games are installed and ready to play in this console.
The FDSstick is interfaced with a smart board designed by us, it allows to keep the original reader functional, while adding new functionalities (IGR, side switching with the controller). The choice between the original player and the FDS is possible.
- It is possible to choose the original floppy disk drive, or the FDSstick. The selection is made with the reset button, by keeping it pressed. If the led is red this indicates that the original floppy mode is activated, if the led is blue it is the FDSstick which is active. A quick press allows a normal reset.
- The IGR function (In game reset) is possible by pressing [start + select + A + B] simultaneously.
- IGR with the original FDS reader => Return to the title screen of the game
- IGR with the FDSstick => this allows you to return to the menu for choosing the FDSstick games in most cases, or to the game title. Some games are incompatible with this function.
- IGR with a game cartridge => return to the game title screen
- Side changing with the controller (only with the FDSstick of course):
Switching from side A to B => keep [select + A] pressed until the led turn off once.
Switching from side B to A => keep pressed [select + A] until the led turn off twice
- A small users manual is sold with the console
- Optional mods add a 7-10 day delay to order processing


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