Region Free & RGB N64 console + Dual Oscillator - Nintendo 64


Pre-modded  & revised console, ready to play!

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ATTENTION: console sold with a Japanese 110VAC power supply (you can use a 230VAC EU power supply instead!)

N64 region free console:
console modded with our Region Free board. It is compatible with all PAL and NTSC games directly, without manipulation or switch! It plays protected games like Megaman 64, Evangelion 64, Sin & punishment. This modification is more stable than the Passport III adapters. The color of the Led changes depending on the region of the PAL or NTSC game.
Console equipped with DFO (Dual frequency oscillator): this allows the console to behave exactly like a PAL console with a pal game, or an NTSC console with an NTSC game. There is no problem with timing / lag, the games run at their original frequency! DFO works automatically
RGB Modified Console: The video output has been modified to RGB.  The rendering is much better than the original rendering in composite video! Modification based on our high quality modification kits. Csync type sync

Further information :
- This console was prepared by our professional workshop service
- The console and the controller have been completely revised
- The 3D joystick of the controller is in good condition!
- The console is sold with an official controller, a japanese 11OVAC power supply, a premium shielded RGB scart cable
- Console guaranteed for 6 months

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Console and controller are in good condition


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