Famicom Twin RGB + Fullset FDS roms built-in - Sharp- Pre-modded - Otaku's Store


Pre-modded console, ready to play!

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This console was modified by Otaku's Store

Twin Famicom console modified in RGB (with the Etim board) + built-in FDSStick installed with the FDS fullset roms!

The original floppy drive remains functional (100% revised / new belt). A switch allows you to choose between the original floppy drive and the FDSstick emulator

To know: When the console is used with the emulator FDSstick, you need to press 2 times on Reset button to simulate of A/B face changing

This console is directly compatible with CRT and flat TVs

Fully working, in good cosmetic condition

The console is delivered with a 110-230VAC PSU and a RGB scart cable

The console was fully revised by our Workshop, it is guaranteed 3 months


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