RGB mod service for Nintendo NES / Famicom / Famicom Twin ETIM - workshop


Enjoy a RGB quality image!

  • Nes Top Loading
  • New Famicom AV
  • Nes FRA
  • Sharp Twin Famicom
  • Front loading Nes (not FRA)
Switchless choice of the palette
  • Yes
  • No

This service is proposed by our Workshop

We need your console to provide this mod

Enjoy a real RGB image on your NES or Famicom console. This mod use the Etim board.

The modification includes the installation of a switch to choose colors palette

Optionally : the choice can be made by the RESET button in switchless

Modification available for: NES Frontloading,  Nes Top Loading, New Famicom, Twin Famicom & Famicom classic

Further information : -
- French Nes FRA : we use the original AV output. The original cable will be compatible. We do not provide a RGB scart cable
- Nes front loading  (excluding FRA) or USA or Nes Top loading USA : we add a video port on the back of the console. We provide a high quality RGB scart
- New Famicom AV 
: we use the video output already present on the console. We provide a high quality RGB scart
- Twin Famicom : we use the connector DIN8 already present on the console. We provide a high quality RGB scart
- Famicom classic : 
unlike most other modders, we keep the eject button and its function! We provide a high quality RGB scart

Clean, reliable and guaranteed modification 3 months

All our mods take place in a electronics workshop.

They are done by a professional graduate in electronics

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