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Essential modification to improve your Game Gear!

VGA Output
  • Yes
  • No
Console recap (cap kit installation)
  • Yes
  • No Thanks

This modification is proposed by our Workshop Service

We need your console to provide this mod

Replacement of your console's old lcd screen with a high-quality backlit LCD screen. The rendering is clean and contrasted, it is very different to the original Game Gear with fade color and low contrast! So this modification allows you to take full advantage of the Game Gear game library in excellent visual conditions!

- It is possible to modify the resolution of the display, and activate scanlines by holding [Start + 1 + 2]
- The brightness is adjustable with the original knob button

- The console capacitors must have been replaced before proceeding with this modification. If this is not the case you can add the option to your cart
- This mod includes the replacement of the screen protector, by a brand glass type
- If your console has a broken lcd screen, you can still take advantage of this change, the original screen being removed

Optional :
- An additional VGA video output. It allows you to connect your console to your TV or monitor (with a VGA input)

Clean, reliable and guaranteed mod 3 months

We need your console to provide this mod

All our mods take place in a electronics workshop.

They are done by a professional graduate in electronics

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