Region Free mod switchless uIGR for Super Nintendo / SFC installation service - Super Famicom Super PIC SNES

  • Snes JR - Sfc JR - or 1-chip SNES / SFC
Cartridge port cutting
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This modification is proposed by our Workshop Service

It's up to you to provide the console

This mod will make your Region Free console (compatible with games from any region). Without disgraceful switch on your console!
Three modes are available, PAL 50, NTSC 60 or AUTO, the LED (one led color per mode)
The choice of mode is made via the reset button of the console (which retains its function in case of quick push). It is possible to change the display frequency during the party changing from PAL 50 to NTSC 60 (and vice versa).

The uIGR (In Game Reset) allows you to change modes via combinations of buttons on the controller (convenient to stay in your chair!). It also includes the patch D4 which avoid error codes related to the test of the region
The uIGR version we use was designed by our friend FFVIman

Cutting the cartridge port (optional) is convenient for enjoying American games, a suitable dust cover is installed

- Cutting the cartridge port to be able to play USA games

Notes :
- Games with a specialized chip like Street Fighter Zero, Panic Bomber, Mario RPG ... works perfectly with this modification
- For the modification of SNES Jr or SFC Jr the led is installed under the on / off button (see illustration photo)

Clean, reliable and guaranteed modification 3 months

All our mods take place in a electronics workshop.

They are done by a professional graduate in electronics

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