RGB Video kit for Nintendo 64 - N64 Modification Modding

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Improve the video quality of your console!

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Kit to install by yourself

This modding kit adds a high quality RGB video output to your Nintendo 64 console

IMPORTANT: There are more than 15 revisions of different N64 motherboards. We propose 3 differents mods that cover all these revisions

We classify them into 3 groups :

Group 1
- NUS-CPU(R)-01 (= modèle FRA)

Group  2
- NUS-CPU(P)-01
- NUS-CPU(P)-02
- NUS-CPU(P)-03
- NUS-CPU(P)-03-1
- NUS-CPU-05
- NUS-CPU-05-1
- NUS-CPU-06
- NUS-CPU-07
- NUS-CPU-08
- NUS-CPU-08-1
- NUS-CPU-09
- NUS-CPU-09-1

Group 3
- NUS-CPU-01
- NUS-CPU-02
- NUS-CPU-03
- NUS-CPU-04

To determine the group of your console, it's simple you need to remove the top cover of the console (6 screws), the revision of the motherboard is easily identifiable:

Options :
- Choice of the console group
- With or without RGB scart (Economical or high quality gold scart)

A installation guide is available in the tutorials section

Important: the installation of this kit requires a minimum of welding know-how, as well as adapted equipment. Our workshop offers a service package for the installation of this kit

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