Stereo mod kit for Nes / Famicom - Mixer pre-amplified active modding


Kit to install by yourself

This kit adds a "stereo" output to your Nes or Famicom. This is actually not a real stereo output but a mix between the channels giving a stereo effect

This module is "active" it includes a mixer and a preamplifier so no audio level attenuationl. (There is a fairly common version of this modification based on 2 resistors / potentiometers and 3 capacitors, it has the defect of much attenuate the sound level)

The electronic board is provided with a self-adhesive side to simplify its fixation

- Kit available in assembled or DIY version
- With or not 2 High quality Gold RCA connectors (Neutrik)

Important: the installation of this kit requires a minimum of welding know-how, as well as adapted equipment. This remark is even more valid if you take the version of the kit completely to assemble! Our workshop offers a service package for the installation of this kit

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