3DO RGB board V2 installation guide

Some tips before starting :
- Choose a suitable place, with space and lighting!
- Take your time
- Use suitable tools, not a soldering iron too powerful with a huge tip ...
- You will find the few equipment for this installation in our tooling section

=> The board is currently only compatible with the 3DO with the VP536 chip

(The board is theory also compatible with BT9101 / 03 chips, but we do not currently have these models of consoles on hand)


Panasonic FZ-1 3DO console installation guide

Goldstar GDO-101
3DO console installation guide

Panasonic FZ-10 3DO console installation guide

The following is valid for all 3DO models

RGB / composite video switch (optional)

It is necessary to install this switch if you still want to use the composite video output of the console. Without it the composite video image will be shifted

  Pin assignment of the DIN 8 connector (solder side)
Corresponding to the pinout of the cable supplied with the complete kit
If you take the board only, this pinout is only a possibility ...

240p / 240i switch

Activation of 240p is recommended to improve the rendering and stability of the image
This modification is very easy, a simple switch between pin 52 of VP536 and + 5V do the job!

Example of modification made by our Workshop