The workshop service is now available for Europe (EU only) !

Our Workshop Service offers repair & modding packages/services

To enjoy it is simple:

 1  => You choose and pay the package/service you want on our website

Note: the return shipping costs are calculated and added automatically to the cart. Return is registered and tracked

 2 => You send your console to our Workshop, with this form completed (available here)

IMPORTANT: Be sure to protect your equipment very well, in a strong box! Don't forget that the travel to our workshop may be long!

That's it for you! After we take over

=> We repair or modify your console

 4 => We send back your console home, with a 3 months warranty


- Regarding repair packages/services :
If the repair is not possible the repair will be fully refunded (excluding shipping costs)
Join the power and video cables with your console, sometimes they can cause direct or indirect with the failure
The repair is guaranteed 3 months from the day of the return of the console

- Concerning modding packages/services :
Send the console only, without cable
The modification is guaranteed 3 months from the date of the return of the console

- About Packaging : The console will be properly returned to you in your box. Take good care of the package with a strong box package. We regularly receive unsuitable parcels... So do not hesitate to over-size the shipping box!

- Our address for mailing :

Reminder: Join with your material this completed form

Otaku's Store
Workshop Service
8 rue marcel sembat
78711 Mantes la Ville

If needed here it is a phone number  : 06 84 92 07 37

- About the delay: It is relative to the orders in progress, we treat the requests in chronological order.
The average time is 2 to 3 weeks

Thanks for the reading !

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