Switchless region free & RGB Super Famicom Junior console uIGR (FFVIman board) - SFC JR - Nintendo pre-modded


Pre-modded & revised console, ready to play!

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This is a 1-chip console known to generate a better video signal, a premium rgb cable is provided in addition to fully enjoy the image quality!

Region free SFC Jr console:
It plays all PAL/JAP games directly; also specialized chip cartridges (Mario RPG, street zero 2 ...). It is modified with one of the most advanced uIGR switchless mods of the moment (FFVIman board). It is possible to change the pal / ntsc / auto modes and the 50 / 60hz display frequency, and other options (patch D4 ...). Everything is set using the joystick with combinations of keys and / or using the Reset button (which keeps its normal reset function, for any quick press). The LED changes color depending on the mode selected.

Further information :
- This console was prepared by our professional workshop service
- The console and the controller have been completely revised
- A LED is discreetly installed near to the "ON" of the power switch (see photos)
- Video sync is native Csync type (the console is no longer compatible with the original composite video cable)
- A small user manual is delivered with the console
- The console is sold with an official controller, a 230VAC power supply, a composite video cable
- Console guaranteed 6 months

Suggestions / recommended complementary products:

- To improve the video rendering, we recommend the use of our premium shielded RGB cable
- A flash cartridge with SD card and SFC / SNES fullset of roms pre-installed! You have the option to remove or add roms from the SD card. It is not emulation, the chosen game is loaded in a ROM memory, the behavior is 100% identical to the original game! This cart also allows you to play games that use special chipsets, DA1, SDD-1, DSP1,2,3,4 super fx, b-sx, MSU, SRTC, OBC, ST-010...
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The console and the controller are in good condition, not yellowed


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