Repair service for Virtual Boy console - Nintendo - repair graphic issues - workshop


Your console doesn't work anymore? Or badly? We fix it!


"Any breakdown/failures" service repair package 

It's up to you to provide the console

Examples of failures: graphic issues/bugs, black screen, no power, sound issues, bad working controller ...

This service includes a repair of the two flat cables often involved in the display problems of the Virtual Boy.
Even if the current default of your console is only on one side, we repair both.
We re-solder all contacts of the flat cables under microscope (this is the only effective method), and we apply a special resin to enhance the repair

We repair your console and we perform tests and checks before returning

If the console is not repairable = the package is fully refunded! (excluding postage)

Clean, reliable and guaranteed 3 months repair

All our interventions take place in a workshop specialized in electronics. They are done by a professional graduate in electronics

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