"60Hz & RGB Mod" installation service for Turbo Grafx console - Nec Modding


Add and enjoy a high quality RGB output on your Nec console!

Vidéo amplifier
  • THS7314
  • THS7376
  • THS7374
Horizontal image shift corrector
  • Without
  • With

This modification is proposed by our Workshop Service

We need your console to provide this mod

This mod switch your PAL Turbo Grafx in NTSC 60Hz mode! And it adds a high quality RGB video output. The image is sharp and contrasted, without parasitic bar (jailbars)

We use our RGB Amp boards, THS7314/16 version or the THS7374

About RGB Amp boards
They are very close performance / rendering. We have been using the THS7314 for many years, our customers are very satisfied

With the THS7374 version the sync signal is buffered Csync synchro

The RGB modification can induce a small shift of the image to the left. We have developed a circuit to remove that => the corrector shift. You can add it as an option

A quality RGB cable is supplied with the modification

Clean, reliable and guaranteed modification 3 months

All our mods take place in a electronics workshop.

They are done by a professional graduate in electronics

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