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Convert your handheld console in a home console!


This modification is proposed by our Workshop Service

It's up to you to provide the console

This mod adds a RGB TV output, and a Megadrive controller port to your console. Your Game Gear becomes a home console! It can of course still be used as handheld

RGB image (with stereo sound), the pinout of the TV out is compatible with RGB Medadrive 2 scart cables

A 21p quality RGB scart cable is delivered with this modification

The displayed image isn't in full screen, it is the native resolution. You can usually zoom/upscale the image on flat tv, see for example the rendering on a 80cm Sony Bravia (photo 2)

The AV pinout connector is the same than the Megadrive 2 av pinout (RGB only, no composite vidéo)

Clean, reliable and guaranteed modification 3 months

All our mods take place in a electronics workshop.

They are done by a professional graduate in electronics

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