Game Gear TV out + megadrive controller port modding kit - Mod


Convert your Game Gear in a home console!

15 days delayed shipping

Kit to install by yourself !

This modding kit adds a RGB TV output, and a Megadrive controller port to your console. Your Game Gear becomes a home console!

It can of course still be used as handheld

The kit displays RGB video on your TV and stereo sound. It doesn't deliver composite video signal

The displayed image isn't in full screen, it is the native resolution. You can usually zoom/upscale the image on flat tv, see for example the rendering on a 80cm Sony Bravia (photo 2)

Sold with 2 plastic spacers for an easy installation, and a quality shielded 21p RGB scart

A installation guide is available in the tutorials section

Important: the installation of this kit requires a minimum of welding know-how, as well as adapted equipment. Our workshop offers a service package for the installation of this kit

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