By-pass video kit for Neo Geo AES / CD - Ths7314 Bypass - Modding Mod

RGB scart
  • High Quality
  • High quality stéréo

Kit to install by yourself, for Neo AES or CD

Video Bypass improves the RGB video quality of your console, bypassing the composite video signal encoder (originally used as a synchro signal). The sync will then be of type Csync (raw)

The bypass avoid fast skipping imagewhen a blank white screen is displayed (recurring problem on the first models of Neo Geo AES), It also avoid ghosting effect on the flat screen. The Csync synchro enhance teh rendering on CRT TV (sharper)

The board is designed around a THS amplifier integrated circuit

Kit sold with a high quality shielded RGB scart.

Note: once modified the console will no longer be compatible with original composite AV cable

A installation guide is available in the tutorials section

Important: the installation of this kit requires a minimum of welding know-how, as well as adapted equipment. Our workshop offers a service package for the installation of this kit

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