50 / 60Hz switchless modding kit circuit - Saturn Mega drive... Modification


Kit to install by yourself

Allows you to change the display frequency 50 / 60Hz switchless (without switch, with the reset button).

For Saturn, Master System ... If you shut off your system, the mode is memorized

How it works :
- If you hold on the reset button, it switches the frequency from 50 to 60Hz and so on ...
- If you quickly press the reset button, the console restarts
- the display mode remains in memory, even after turning off the console

The kit is provided with a sticker side to simplify its fixation

Note :
- Kit available in assembled or DIY version

Important: the installation of this kit requires a minimum of soldering knowledge and an adapted equipment. This remark is more valid if you take the DIY version of the kit!

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