High quality RGB modding kit for Nec console PC Engine, Core grafx, Duo, Super grafx....


Enjoy a high quality RGB image!

  • PC Engine
  • Coregrafx I/ II
  • PC Engine Duo-R / RX
  • PC Engine DUO
  • Super Grafx / Shuttle / Super Cd Rom 2
  • Interface Unit / Turbo grafx
Vidéo amplifier
  • THS7314
  • THS7376
  • THS7374
  • Assembled
  • DIY non assembled

For all existing NEC consoles!

Kit to install by yourself

You have to choose the type of console, the version of the RGB amplifier, and if you want the kit assembled or the DIY kit (only for pro modders)!

A kit includes:
- a high quality RGB video scart cable
- a DIN8 video connector
- an RGB amplifier board
- a set of capacitors to eliminate the jailbars (except for the IFU and Super Cdrom 2 kits)

The amp board is provided with a sticker side to simplify its fixation

About RGB Amplifier boards (based on THS7314 / 16 or THS7374)
Both cards are very close performance / rendering
We have been using THS7314 for many years, our customers are very satisfied
The THS7374 version includes a buffuring of the csync signal

- You will find on this site installation guides to help you
- We advise you to wire the synchro signal in Csync
- The DIY version is intended for modding experts :) => the scart acble and the amp board, are not assembled
- Sometimes the RGB mod
induce a small shift of the image to the left. We have designed a circuit to remove this the shift corrector board. You can add it to your modification

Important: the installation of this kit requires a minimum of soldering knowlegde and adapted equipment. This remark is more valid if you take the DIY version of the kit! You can ask our workshop to take care of the installation of the kit

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