Region Free & LCD Mod 3.5 Sega Nomad- TFT pre-modded *Required step

Modified, revised and guaranteed console!

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Sega Nomad console modified with a high quality 3.5 LCD type screen: This modification uses the RGB signals of the console. This results in much better picture quality compared to the original screen. This mod is also better than the popular modification that takes advantage of the Nomad's composite video signal

Nomad modified region free (switchless):
It is possible to choose the region of the console via the MODE button, pal, usa or jap. It accepts games from these 3 regions. Keep the MODE button pressed and wait for the LED to change color to change mode. The MODE button keeps its function for a quick press

Console modified 50 / 60Hz (switchless):
Possibility to choose the display mode in pal 50Hz or ntsc 60Hz. The choice is made by holding down the MODE button on the console for 1sec. It is therefore possible to optimize some PAL games in 60Hz. Indeed the passage in 60Hz makes it possible to limit the black bands on the screen, and to increase a bit the speed

Further information :
- This console has been prepared and revised by our professional workshop service
- The console capacitors have been replaced with SMD quality caps
- The protective glass is new (true glass)
- The brightness is adjustable via the original dial
- Console guaranteed for 6 months
- An AC adapter is essential to be able to play (or the battery pack)
- The console is in good condition, there are some surface scratches on the back, and small scratches on the sega logo at the top left. See the last photo

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