NTSC Pstwo region free console - PS2 Playstation 2 - Pre-modded *Required step

Pre-modded, revised and guaranteed!

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Japanese boxed Region Free PStwo console: It plays directly original & backups pal, usa or japanese PS2 games!

Note: In PS1 mode the chip is not perfectly stable on the boot-up sequence, it is sometimes necessary to do one or two reset for the game to boot, once the game has started no more worries. The best way to play PS1 games is a region free PS1...

Further information :
- This console was prepared by our professional workshop service
- The console and the controller have been completely revised
The installed modchip is a Modbo (Matrix clone), it is possible to enter the chip configuration menu by simultaneously pressing square + triange + circle when starting the console.
- The optical unit is new
- The internal memory battery has been replaced
- The flex cable unit has been replaced (to avoid friction problems with the cd)
- The console is sold with an official controller, a 230VAC PSU, a composite video cable
- Console guaranteed 6 months
- To improve the video rendering, we recommend the use of our premium RGB cables The console is in good condition
- The console is in good cosmetic condition

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