Black LCD IPS Game Boy Advance console + li-ion battery mod

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Modded & revised console, ready to play!

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LCD IPS GBA console : The original screen has been replaced with a high quality IPS screen with backlight. The rendering is excellent, much better than the original screen! The brightness is adjustable

Battery mod: a rechargeable li-ion battery via USB is installed in place of the battery compartment! A led charge indicator is visible through the battery cover, near to the USB port

Further information :
This console was prepared by our professional workshop service
- The console has been completely revised
- The original shell was replaced by a quality unofficial shell. The buttons are the original ones, in order to keep the original feeling!
- The power on switch has been replaced to avoid power on problems, or random led color changes
- The protective glass is new, glass version
- There are 10 brightness levels:
=> To increase the brightness, keep the [Select + R] buttons pressed
=> To reduce the brightness, keep the [Select + L] buttons pressed
- Console guaranteed 6 months

Out of stock

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