IPS LCD mod Neo Geo Pocket Color - OSD Menu - SNK


Pre-modded & revised console, ready to play!


NGPC LCD IPS OSD Console: The original screen has been replaced with a high quality backlit IPS LCD display. The rendering is excellent, it has nothing to do with the rendering of the original screen! Various parameters can be adjusted via the OSD (on screen display) menu: brightness, colors, retro pixel effect ... To display the menu, keep pressed [A + B + OPTION]

Further information :
This console was prepared by our professional workshop service
- The console has been completely revised
- The memory battery was replaced
- The protective glass is new, glass version
- Console guaranteed 6 months

Recommended additional products:
- Flash cartridge for GBA with roms set pre-installed! You have the option to remove or add roms from the SD card. This is not emulation, the chosen game is loaded in a ROM memory, the behavior is 100% identical to the original game
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Note : the bottom edge of the console is slightly yellowed


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