External video shift corrector for consoles & arcade supergun - horizontal centering RGB CGA

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This interface allows you to adjust the horizontal centering of the image. This is very useful, examples: once modified in RGB, some consoles induce a slight image shift to the left, or arcade systems generate an important offset image, this is the case with IGS PGM slots ... This interface compensates this problem

It only works with systems that generate an RGB video signal (most consoles and superguns

Features / information:
The input and output of the interface are in SCART format
The box also works as a synchro cleaner (if you enter with a composite video sync, it will be converted to Csync)
It is an active box requiring an external power supply, provided
A removable 1M shielded RGB video cable is also supplied with the interface, it is the output cable (Din8 <==> scart)
Sound is present at the interface output

Below is a small demo video with a Megadrive 1 and the sonic game (paused)
(the rendering is not excellent, because it is difficult to film a CRT screen!)

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