NEC Box V2 for PC Engine, Core Grafx, Super Grafx - Video RGB interface - Csync - Otaku's Store

4/3 display forcer
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Compatible with: PC Engine, Core Grafx I and II, Shuttle PCE, Supergrafx, PCE LT

Not compatible with : Duo, Duo-R/Rx, Turbo grafx, Turbo Express, Interface UNit

This is the 2.0 version of the Otaku's store Nec Box, many improvements have been made compared to version 1.0

Characteristics / features:
- High quality RGB amplified video (THS)
- Sync of type Csync
- Stereo signal preamplified, reached to the good level
- Image horizontal shift corrector (adjustable), it compensates for the slight shift of the image to the left
- RGB and audio output on DIN8 connector with high quality shielded scart cable
- Additional composite video output and stereo audio on RCA plugs (both RGB and Composite video outputs can be used simultaneously)
- I / O connector of better quality than the V1

Optional :
- 4/3 Forcer: ensure a 4/3 display on your TV, by sending the correct voltages on the scart plug

Sold in box with a 21 pin scart cable is included

Product 100% Otaku's Store !

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