Horizontal shift corrector for video RGB console circuit - board - arcade image horizontal centering


Very useful with rgb consoles, or in the arcade domain

  • Assembled
  • Trimmer pot.
  • Axe pot.

This circuit allows to horizontally center RGB video image. Very useful with some RGB consoles or with some arcade games

Compensates for the well-known problem of image shift to the left on CRT TV and game console

The circuit is simple to install, it is placed in series with the sync signal. It is powered by 5VDC

Only works with RGB + Csync or Composite video video signals as sync

Also perfomr cleaning synchro (a LM1881 is present on the board)

Important: the installation of this circuit requires a minimum of knowledge, as well as a suitable equipment. This remark is more available if you take the DIY version!

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