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3DO FZ-10 RGB console: the console is modified to RGB from our RGB V2.0 board, equipped with a THS7314. The image rendering is much better and finer than the original composite video rendering. The board incorporates an offset corrector for a perfectly centered image. The 240p (progressive scan lines) display is activated, the image is perfectly stable, the flickering effect present on 3DOs due to interlaced scan lines disappears!

Further information :
- This console was prepared by our professional workshop service
- The console and the controllers have been completely revised
-  WARNING this is a Japanese 110VAC console, you must use a step-down voltage adapter
- 3DOs consoles are region free
- Console delivered with a 110VAC power cord, a controller, and the premium shielded RGB cable
- Console guaranteed 6 months
- Console and controller are in good cosmetic condition

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