High quality Stereo RGB scart video cable for all Mega Drive 1 & Genesis - Csync shielded Megadrive MD1


High quality RGB cable

  • Mega Drive I FR RGB
  • Japanese MD1, Genesis, PAL-I MD1, PAL-G MD1
  • 1.7 meters (default)
Scart type
  • Standard
4/3 display forcer
  • Yes
  • No Thanks
Synchro type
  • Video composite synchro
  • Native Csync

High quality RGB cable manufactured by Otaku's Store

STEREO SOUND VERSION => a stereo 3.5mm jack must be connected to the headphone output of the console, to transmit the stereo sound to your TV.

Compatible with all PAL MD1, JAP MD1 & GENESIS

The cable has an excellent shielding

Length : 1.7M

- Synchro : composite or csync we recommend the csync option, for a sharper image
- 4/3 Forcing : Mainly useful with 16:9 CRT display. This is a small module installed in the scart that ensures a display on your TV in 4:3, without the TV may display a picture in 16:9, which has the effect to flatten the image (black bands at the top and bottom of the screen). 90% of the cables on the market do not have one. If your TV is a 4/3 only this module is useless

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