High quality RGB scart video cable for Super Famicom / USA SNES - Csync shielded

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High quality cable

Csync (LM1881)
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4/3 display forcer
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High quality RGB cable manufactured by Otaku's Store

The cable has excellent shielding

Compatible with Super Famicom (Jr included if RGB modded) and USA Snes

Not compatible with PAL SNES

Length : 1.7M

- csync :
installation in the Scart plug of a module based on the LM1881 to "clean" the synchro
- Forced 4/3 display : : Mainly useful with 16:9 CRT display. This is a small module installed in the scart that ensures a display on your TV in 4:3, without the TV may display a picture in 16:9, which has the effect to flatten the image (black bands at the top and bottom of the screen). 90% of the cables on the market do not have one. If your TV is a 4/3 only this module is useless

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